Car wrecks and medical bills

My son got in a car crash, and the police and insurance company said it was my son’s fault. My son was injured and has more than $10,000 in medical bills that his automobile insurance won’t pay. He had car insurance but not health insurance.

Question: Isn’t his car insurance supposed to pay his medical bills?

Answer: Not necessarily.

The unfortunate truth in this scenario is there is only one type of automobile insurance coverage that will help someone when an auto wreck is their fault: Medical Payments, also known as Medpay. In Nevada, Medpay is optional coverage and helps pay for medical, dental and even funeral expenses for the driver and passengers, regardless of who is at fault. It is paid out alongside any health insurance the occupant has and, in Nevada, paid whether your health insurance covers the injuries, too.


So if your son was carrying Medpay coverage as part of his car insurance, then yes, his car insurance should pay his medical bills up to the limits of his coverage. If he didn’t have Medpay, then no, none of his other coverages would apply in an at-fault crash. If he had Medpay and his car insurance is refusing to pay his medical bills, then you should contact an attorney to discuss a possible lawsuit against his insurance company.

Sadly, because Medpay is optional, the majority of Nevada drivers don’t have it. It’s a shame, really, because adding Medpay coverage costs the typical driver less than $10 per month and is a great advantage in all crashes. Thanks for the question!

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